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NeuroTinnitus is a Comprehensive Tinnitus Treatment Program, Backed by the Latest Research in Audiology and Tinnitus.

Dr. Brad Stewart here,

As an audiologist who has tinnitus, I totally understand the frustration, hopelessness, anxiety, and depression that can accompany tinnitus.

And as a private practice owner interacting with thousands of patients every year, I know all too well that this problem with tinnitus is very common, and many people  just give up...

When I first began to experience ringing in my ears about 2 years ago, I was surprised to find that there were very few good treatment options or in-person.

What's more, most physicians tell their patients that it will never go away, and that you just have to learn to live with it (you may have experienced this yourself).

The truth is...your tinnitus may or may not ever disappear completely...

I still hear my tinnitus, and it is more noticeable sometimes than it is others...

But the important, critical truth is you don't have to be resigned to just live with tinnitus as it is CAN get better...if you follow the right steps.

I have developed this online program so that I can share this life-changing approach to tinnitus treatment with you, just like I do with patients in my clinics every day.

I'm HEAR for you!
Brad Stewart, AuD
Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Brad Stewart

Managing Tinnitus Can Feel Hopeless...
Like maybe you really will just have to "learn to live with it".
The world of tinnitus management is confusing (sometimes intentionally so). As someone experiencing tinnitus, it is hard to know where to turn. There are a lot of solutions out there, but many of them aren't  backed  by real evidence that they actually WORK.

Many people go years without finding a satisfactory solution to their tinnitus. If this is you, the medical community has let you down, and I don't blame you for feeling hopeless. I would have felt the same way.

Even as a practicing Doctor of Audiology, my clinical training didn't prepare me with the tools and resources to help me successfully treat the constant ringing in my ears. When I searched online most of the consumer resources I found were either confusing, misleading, contradictory, or incomplete.
So I started to research how to treat my own tinnitus, and help my patients who were also suffering from this condition. 

What I found is that there really is a solution out there...
It isn't simple, and it isn't a silver bullet...

But now I live a life where I rarely even notice the ringing in my ears, and it certainly never distracts me, frustrates me, or causes me to lose sleep. I can actually turn off my tinnitus at will.

Now that I've found the solution, I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible get back to normal life and overcome tinnitus!
My Journey to Tinnitus Relief
When I began doing deep research into tinnitus treatment, there were limited resources and very few holistic, science-backed solutions
As an Audiologist, I knew there were millions of people out there suffering from bothersome tinnitus. I knew in my clinic that some traditional approaches worked with some people, but many solutions were very expensive and the results were hit or miss.

Not only was I having trouble finding an effective solution for my patients, it was affecting me too!

But as I kept digging, I found that the personal work that I was doing into mindfulness and controlling my thoughts had a direct overlap with my own tinnitus. 
I learned the
to real tinnitus relief:

Change the way the brain reacts to tinnitus

Over the next year I developed and tested a tinnitus brain retraining therapy protocol that is designed to do exactly that.

And it WORKS.

With this program, you will find tinnitus relief by following 4 simple steps:

Tinnitus Education

Hearing Treatment (as necessary)

Sound Enrichment Program

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

What would your life be like if you could turn off your tinnitus at will?
Without bothersome constant tinnitus, how much happier would you be?

How much more productive and focused?

Would you get better sleep?

Could you improve your health and relationships?

With control over your tinnitus, you can find peace, silence, and tranquility again. You can regain control over your life.
take control over your tinnitus today...
get back to the life you love!
The NeuroTinnitus Brain Retraining Program is the complete toolkit to manage, reduce, and defeat your bothersome tinnitus.
Four-Week Tinnitus Brain Retraining Program 
(Get Immediate Relief With Day 1 Tools)
The NeuroTinnitus™ Program Guides you to True Tinnitus Relief...
Video Course #1: Tinnitus is a Symptom
As tinnitus becomes bothersome, we develop coping behaviors and emotional responses that are counter-productive and actually make the tinnitus worse.

Learning about the underlying mechanisms of tinnitus, including how the sense of hearing works and how tinnitus tricks your brain, will help lower your stress and anxiety and increase your ability to successfully navigate the treatment of your tinnitus. 
Video Course #2: Getting Relief
Whether you are experiencing difficulty with sleep, concentration, or other emotional reactions to your tinnitus, the tools you will gain in this module will provide immediate relief from tinnitus, as well as long-term reduction in tinnitus loudness. 

By using a structured sound enrichment program including a customized combination of masking, distraction, habituation, and/or neuromodulation, you will experience significant relief from your daily tinnitus and hearing problems.
Video Course #3: Rewiring Your Brain
What if you could turn your tinnitus off at will? 

In this course you will learn the most important long-term strategies to overcome your tinnitus and change your life. The amount that your tinnitus bothers you is often directly related to the way your brain responds to it. By retraining your brain using a combination of structured exercises, strategies, and activities, you will actually learn to turn down or even totally forget about your tinnitus on-demand.
Video Course #4: Feel Like Yourself Again
Difficulty with sleep and concentration are two of the most common results of bothersome tinnitus. In this course you will learn the secrets to return to restful sleep and regain focused concentration. 

Learn how to cut off the self-perpetuating cycle of poor sleep, reduced focus, and increased tinnitus. By using the strategies in this course, not only will you get back to feeling like your old self (before tinnitus), you will likely gain strategies that will improve your health, productivity, and focus across all aspects of your life.
And if take action to overcome your tinnitus today, we will  include these exclusive bonuses to complete you tinnitus treatment program!
Bonus #1:
Dr. Stewart's Personal Sound Therapy Program
Dr. Stewart's Personal Sound Therapy Tools
This collection of sound therapy apps, audio files, as well as Dr. Stewart's curated Spotify Sound Therapy playlist will give you an incredible array of tools to experience immediate relief from your bothersome tinnitus.
Bonus #2:
Eight-Week Guided Mindfulness Course
Change Your Thoughts, Overcome Your Tinnitus
This Eight-Week guided course will help you develop the mental powers to completely overcome your tinnitus. You will find that the benefits of this program will carry over any other chronic pain, psychological distress, challenging relationships, and emotional difficulties in your  life. This program is a game-changer.
Bonus #3
Thought-Change Training
Reprogram Your Brain to Overcome Negative Thoughts
Using exercises from the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy, Dr. Stewart will guide you through the process to change persistent, automatic negative thoughts. By retraining your brain, you will have the ability to teach your brain that tinnitus is a low-priority signal that should be ignored.
Bonus #4
PDF Transcripts and Worksheets
Comprehensive Tinnitus Tools, Questionnaires, Transcripts and Worksheets
Immediate access to the most up-to-date tools to track you tinnitus level, as well as ready-to-print resources and worksheets to follow along with your program.

This resource kit also includes transcripts of all courses to follow along, highlight, and review at a later date.
This is the solution you have been looking for! 

By following this program, you will experience relief immediately, and in one month you will be living a completely different life with FREEDOM from your tinnitus.
don't wait another day to live your life.
Get Started today (only $97)
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We've seen this program change lives over and over.

After 30 days of the NeuroTinnitus™ program if you don't experience a significant reduction in your tinnitus, we will refund you 100%, no questions asked.
Freedom from tinnitus...
Is One Click Away
This program was designed from the ground up to be a comprehensive treatment program for tinnitus. By using evidence-based strategies, you will begin to experience freedom from your constant bothersome tinnitus.

When you buy the program, I will guide you through the process of overcoming your tinnitus with the unique combination of strategies, exercises, and tools that I personally used to treat my own tinnitus, and that I use with real patients just like you every day in my clinics

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by completing this program. 

I'll see you inside! 

-Dr. Brad Stewart, Audiologist
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The NeuroHearing™ Program!
  • Video Course #1 Tinnitus is a Symptom: Hearing, Hearing Loss, and the Hearing Brain 
  • Video Course #2 Getting Relief: Sound Therapy and Tinnitus Reduction Tools
  • Video Course #3 Rewiring Your Brain: How to Turn Off Your Tinnitus at Will 
  • Video Course #4 Feel Like Yourself Again: Regaining Restful Sleep and Focused Concentration 
  • Bonus #1: Dr. Stewart's Personal Sound Therapy Tools
  • ​Bonus #2: Eight-Week Guided Mindfulness Course
  • Bonus #3: Thought-Change Training
  • ​Bonus #4: PDF Transcripts and Worksheets
A comparable program inside of a specialist's clinic like mine would cost well over $1,200.
But today, you're getting all of this...
For Only For $97
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